What would have happen to baby Superman, plummeting towards earth at hundreds of miles an hour, if his father had sent his ship off just a few hours later than he did in the canon universe? Well, according to Mark Millar, author of one of the most critically claimed Superman alternate universes ever, he would […]


Snap, Crackle and K-Pop

To those who haven’t been enlightened with the heavenly haven of Korean popular culture, you have come to the right page. According to Wikipedia (which isn’t very reliable but it’s a source anyway), “K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean pop; in Hangul:케이팝) is a music genre originating from South Korea that is characterized by a wide […]

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LGBTQ+ representation in The 100

(First and foremost, YAY there is now a place where I can write about relatively unknown TV shows which have an LGBTQ+ main character (or *gasp* more than 1) whose sexuality/ies are not a big deal!) So anyway, in this article, I’ll be fangirling writing about The 100! The 100 The 100 premiered on 19th […]

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Editor’s Note

Hi, I’m Saachi, co-editor of this blog. I’m Nirali, also co-editor. We created this blog for all those out there who want to connect with the Geek community, in a fun, and sophisticated way. Well we created this blog with the intention of it being sophisticated but oml I think we basically wrote a fanfiction […]

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